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Manual Precision Alignment Single-sided Exposure Machine


Manual precision alignment single-side exposure machine

Exposure light source, wavelength: NUV (including 365nm, 405nm, 435nm)
Parallel half-angle of light source: 1.5~2.5 degrees (depending on the aperture of the light)

■ Align the imaging system:

  • The use of variable magnification lens is convenient for alignment operation, and the standard total magnification is 50X-300X

  • ​ CCD camera imaging system


■ production   can:

  • Proximity exposure is best set at 3~5um according to the distance between wafer and mask.

  • ​ The output varies according to the alignment accuracy and exposure time, and the fastest can be up to three exposures per minute


■ External Dimensions Weight:

  • W: 1200 x L. 900 x H. 1800mm


■ heavy   quantity:

  • Weight about 130kg

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