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Uniform machine_Automatic gluing machine


Uniform machine_Automatic gluing machine

Integrating a production plant, which originally required dozens of people, into a "two-person" plant
The entire production process can be completed with only "two people" responsible for incoming and outgoing materials.

■ Dispensing area:
     ● Divided into 4 dispensing areas on the left and right, each dispensing area has 1 set
         of rotary suction cups and 1 set of dispensing system.


■ Program editing:
      ● The formula can be stored according to different materials of the customer, and
          20 groups of formulas can be stored, and the formula can be set in a step-by-step
​          manner.


■ Operation procedure:
       ● Photosensitive liquid coating 1. Select the formula to use 2. Put the material into
          the feeding area 3. Press the start button


■ Capacity:
      ● About 200 pieces/hour, yield: more than 99%

■ External Dimensions Weight:

      ● W: 1552 x L: 2425 x H: 2450 mm 

■ Weight :

     ● Weight about 1400kg

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