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16-8 automatic bakeware cooling array machine


16-8 Automatic Baking Pan Cooling Array Machine

Baking tray area, 16 groups of baking trays, up to 16 groups of baking trays can be expanded, each group of baking trays can be disassembled independently 
The feeding and discharging of the baking pan are respectively the front and rear gates.

Cooling tray: 8 sets of cooling trays, can be expanded to 8 sets of baking trays at most, and each group of baking trays can be disassembled and assembled independently.

Robot arm: 2 sets of single-arm robotic arms, stable and high-speed transmission, and the arm supports scanning function.

■ External Dimensions Weight:

  • width 1360  x depth 1610x height 1900mm

■ heavy   quantity:

  • Weight about 1200kg

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