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Two-seater Exposure Mmachine-manual CCD Alignment System


Double-seat exposure machine Manual CCD alignment system

Machine name Model:TT06-VG

■ Exposure light source :

  • 1000W ultra-high-pressure mercury lamp (ARC 1000W/D available),
    exposure uniformity ±3% or less.

■ Alignment Imaging System :

  • Variable magnification lens with LCD screen with CCD image system, LED
    coaxial light or circular light, observation of the distance between two
    points 4cm-8cm


■ Productivity :

  • Alignment process, (according to the operator's degree of familiarity), the
    operator is good, about 150-200 pieces per hour (according to the operator's
    degree of familiarity)


■ External dimensions:

  • W: 1600  x L. 900 x H. 1250 mm


■ Weight :

  • Weight about 180kg

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