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LED Exposure Machine


LED Exposure Machine

Machine Name Model:UV LED

■ Exposure of light sources :

  • The I-line output intensity is about 30~40mW/cm2, and the
    uniformity is within plus or minus 5%. The parallel half angle of
    the light source is about 1.5~3 degrees depending on the
    diameter of the light outlet. 

■ Alignment Imaging System :

  • Industrial microscope 30/10x two magnification switchable zoom


■ Productivity :

  • Alignment process, (according to the operator's proficiency), familiar
    with the operation of the operator, about 200 pieces per hour
    (according to the operator's proficiency)


■ External dimensions :

  • W: 1600  x L. 900 x H. 1250 mm


■ Weight :

  • 重約140kg

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