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High-speed Automatic Glass Powder
Dot machine


High Speed Automatic Glass Powder Dispenser

There are left and right dispensing bases. The
dispensing bases can each be used to dispense 14
tubes. The left dispensing bases are used to
dispense even numbers.

■ Conveyor belt mechanism :

  • The differential mechanism allows the belt to rotate the
    material as well as the transfer process.


■ Operating procedures :

  • Glass powder coating
    1. Straighten the guide wire of the material to be coated with
        glass paste and put it into the carbon strip carrier.
    2. Put the carbon strip into the material inlet cassette.
    3. Press the activation button and the equipment will
    ​    automatically transmit the dispensing glue.


■ External dimensions :

  • W 4900 x D 800 xH 1300 mm


■ Weight :

  • Weight about 900kg

Control box 2.JPG
Blower 1.JPG
Blower 2.JPG
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