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Tour guide team control

Track the location information of group members at all times. You can send signals through the device (such as vibrating or beeping to ask group members to return to the gathering place). You can also use the mobile APP to use more functions (such as sending voice messages, viewing maps, and viewing group member location information). wait)


Patrol safety maintenance

RF devices are widely used and can be used for security maneuvers, border patrols, etc. Patrol personnel equipped with RF devices can know their respective locations to respond to emergencies immediately, and because the transmitted signals are encrypted, they can prevent irrelevant personnel from receiving relevant messages, greatly increasing safety and convenience, and are faster and more reliable than radios. Safety.


hiking adventure

When engaging in outdoor activities such as hiking, mountain climbing, and exploring, in addition to planning your itinerary, safety considerations are crucial. However, outdoor accidents or missing persons still occur from time to time. Under normal circumstances, there is almost no mobile phone signal in mountainous areas, but RF devices can allow us to immediately know the specific location of missing persons in this situation, maintain communication, and provide assistance to lost companions.


Leisure riding at night

In recent years, night riding has become more and more popular. First of all, night riding can exercise your body. If you sit for a long time at work during the day, or eat and drink at home, night riding can help you burn off energy. Secondly, you don’t have to worry about sunburn or tanning when riding at night, so night riding is also very popular among female cyclists. Being able to enjoy the scenery and relieve stress has many benefits, but safety issues are also the most worthy of attention. The RF device can control the steering function of night running lights, connect helmets and night walking jackets, etc. to control the steering of lights, greatly improving the safety of night riding.


Outdoor self-driving fleet

With the popularization of road culture, self-driving tours that independently control the pace of the journey and highlight personality, fashion and tone are becoming more and more popular among the public. According to a survey by Mafengwo Travel Network, the number of domestic self-driving trips in China reached 580 million in 2018, a year-on-year increase of 35.6%. Among them, there are more and more places with extremely harsh environments such as Western Sichuan and Sichuan-Tibet for self-driving. RF devices can maintain the functions of instant calls and positioning in the absence of signals, and effectively improve the safety of self-driving.

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