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LED Exposure Machine


LED exposure machine

Machine name model: UV LED

■ Exposure light source:

  • With a 6" circular beam of 365nm wavelength, the I-line output intensity is about 15~20mW/cm2, the uniformity is within plus or minus 5%, and the parallel half angle of the light source is about 1.5~3 degrees depending on the diameter of the light.

■ Align the imaging system:

  • The intensity of the light source varies according to the selected wavelength and the size of the beam. With a wavelength of 6" at 365nm, the I-line output intensity of a circular beam is about 15~20mW/cm2


■ production   can:

  • The exposure source can be turned on and off at any time, no warm-up time is required, and the light only needs to be turned on when exposure is required, which can save power, long life and better stability than mercury lamp exposure sources.


■ External Dimensions Weight:

  • W: 593  x L. 322 x H. 765 mm


■ heavy   quantity:

  • Weight about 24kg

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