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High-speed Automatic Glass Powder
Dot machine


High-speed automatic point glass powder machine

The left 14 spot glass rods and the right 14 spot glass rods are used to apply glass powder

The left side is responsible for the even number, and the right side is responsible for the odd number, a total of 28 glass rods. After the dispensing is completed, it is dried with hot air and then discharged.

Place each copper rod on the material strip, 14 glass rods on the left, and calibrate the flatness of the copper rods (be sure to confirm each
    The flatness of the stick is sufficient), adjust the glue according to the company's standard glue mixing procedure, and use the 14 on-demand sticks on the right to apply glass powder.


■ External Dimensions Weight:

  • W: 4900 x D800 x H1300 mm


■ heavy   quantity:

  • Weight about 900kg

Control box 2.JPG
Blower 1.JPG
Blower 2.JPG
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