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Fully automatic single-sided exposure machine

Auto Exposurer3", 4", 5", 6" 300-CC

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Fully automatic single-sided exposure machine

Auto Exposurer 3", 4", 5", 6" 300-CC This equipment is a photomask alignment exposure machine used in semiconductor lithography process.

Function: Use UV parallel light source to make 1:1 copy of the pattern of the photomask to the photoresist film on the wafer surface.

■ Equipment Specifications:

  • Exposure light source , mask line width reproduction capability , I-line positive photoresist 1um thickness, hard contact, 1um~2um,
    proximity 3um~5um.

■ Align the imaging system:

  • Automatic alignment ability, the align key with clear geometric shape can be identified within 5um.


■ production   can:

  • For the alignment process , the exposure time is 3 seconds, and the mechanical capacity is 250 to 300 pieces per hour (without considering the material variability).

  • No alignment, only exposure process, exposure time of 3 seconds, mechanical capacity of 280~360 pieces per hour (without considering material variability and unloading).


■ External Dimensions Weight:

  • W: 1900 x D1600 x H2400mm


■ heavy   quantity:

  • Weight about 1900kg

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