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Uniform machine_Automatic gluing machine


Uniform machine_Automatic gluing machine

This station is for the material flip back glue, to protect the back of the material to facilitate the later part of the etching
for the manufacturing process.

■ Dispensing area:
     ● Divided into 4 dispensing areas on the left and right, each dispensing
         area has 1 set of rotary suction cups and 1 set of dispensing system.


■ Program editing:
     ● The formula can be stored according to different materials of the customer,
         and 20 groups of formulas can be stored, and the formula can be set in a
         step-by-step manner.


■ Operation procedure:
     ● Photosensitive liquid coating
         1. Select the formula to be used
         2. Discharge into the feeding area
         3. Press the start button.


■ Capacity :
      ● About 200 pieces/hour, yield: more than 99%.

■ External Dimensions Weight:

     ● W: 1240 x L: 1750 x H: 2450 mm

■ Weight :

      ● Weight about 1200kg

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