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16-8 automatic bakeware cooling array machine


16-8 Fully automatic baking tray cooling array machine

At present, it is a fully automatic laminating machine and a fully automatic baking tray cooling array machine.
In the front, only one operator needs to scan and code the material into the inlet of the machine, and then the rest will be managed by the machine, and after applying the photoresist, it will be automatically sent to the next station for baking and cooling operation.

Cooling tray area :
  ● 8 sets of cooling trays, up to 8 sets of baking trays can be
     expanded, and each set of baking trays can be disassembled


Mechanical arm :
  ● 2 sets of single-arm robotic arm, stable and high-speed
     transmission, arm support film sweeping function.

■ External dimensions :

  • W: 1360 x L: 1610 x H: 2200 mm

■ Weight :

  • Weight about 1200kg

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