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16-8 automatic bakeware cooling array machine + automatic rewinding machine


Ichikan Machine_16-8 Full Automatic Baking Tray Cooling Array Machine+Full Automatic Receiving Machine

The last stop is to do the baking and the final
collection of the material for the staff.
Finish the whole product yellowing process.

Baking (cooling) tray area :

4 sets of baking (cooling) trays Each set of baking trays can be disassembled
independently Baking tray inlet and outlet are front and rear gates respectively.


Mechanical arm :

1 set of single arm robot arm Stable and high speed transmission
Arm supports film scanning function

■ External dimensions :

  • W: 1200 x L: 1400 x H: 2200mm

■ Weight :

  • Weight about 1400kg

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